Do You Remember?

In 1896 Shenandoah has 17 doctors and 121saloons?

The only Telephone company was the Pennsylvania located at 106 N. Main St.?

When there were seven collieries around town?

Frederick Keithan, baker and confectioner and maker of his own ice cream, with the business and home at 104 N. Main St.?

When the streets south of Centre Street were known as Huckleberry Alley, Oak Street, Junebeny Alley, Cherry Street, Mayberry Alley, Poplar Street, Laurel Street and Rock Street?

When we had wooden sidewalks on Main Street, then finally we got pavements?

Annie Mansell, the well-known school teacher, whose home was at 225 W. Oak St.

Dr. Joseph S. Callen, the popular physician, whose office was at 31 S. Jardin St.and his home at 29 S. Jardin St.?

Miss Lizzie Jones the popular music teacher who resided at 32 N. Main St.?

Evening Herald where the finest class of Job Work in this section of the state was turned out, competent workmen, good material and prices consistent therein, is the magnet that draws the people to the Evening Herald at 8 S. Jardin St. The Straughn, Parrott & Company, publishers?

John W. Cooper the popular principal of the public high school of town?

When William Mank conducted a Restaurant at 131 S. Main St.?

Peter J. Monaghan, dealer in drygoods with his business and home at 30 S. Main St.?

When Stanley Postula of 414 S. Jardin St. was the Borough High Constable?

Elijah F. Kehier, the well-known grocer, whose business was at 133 N. Main St. and the pickle and cracker barrels were in view always?

P. J. Ferguson, president of the First National Bank, agent for Adams Express Company and General soliciting agent for Lehigh Valley R.R. Co., proprietor and manger of Ferguson’s Theatre where only first class companies were engaged?

When the "Chip Chip Club" met at 214 W. Columbus St.?

The Ditchey wholesale bakery on East Penn Street that was totally destroyed by fire?

Fred A. Dodd the obliging clerk at the Commercial Hotel with his residence the same address?

Charlie Sing, the Chinaman who had a laundry at 6 S. Jardin St.?

Mike J. Begley, proprietor of the "Popular Oyster Bay" located at 11 W. Centre St., also dealer in Pigs Feet, Tripe, all kinds of temperance drinks, sweet cider, ice cream and milk shakes?

When a local undertaker conducted the only ambulance service in town?

In December of 1961, the students at Shenandoah got an early Christmas vacation after they went out on strike in protest of the firing of the football coach, Mr. Bernie Gazan.

When Tom Barrett established the Miners Minstrel Association, which were vaudeville productions presented throughout the coal region to raise money for veterans, orphans, schools and churches. He started the Miners Minstrel to be built on charity and good fellowship. The last show produced and directed by Tom was for the Shenandoah Centennial Committee.

Which came first O’Hara’s or The Owl?

Krashes, Schiavones or the Cozy Corner?

How many of you played the Pinball Machine at the L & D?

Shooting pool at the Majestic, the Modern or the Stand pool rooms?

Dances in Stone’s or Maher’s halls

Shooting dice at Danny’s Pool Room

Ice skating at the mini Dam?

Watching a football game from the roof of Bova’s house ?(old Glovers Hill Club)

When Miss Gastin formed a drill team to perform at halftime of your high school football games, which also included the Lady Devils?

When you went up the Heights for sticky buns at Hammas Bakery?

Glazed pretzel doughnuts from Harris’s Bakery?

Jelly doughnuts from Keithan’s Bakery?

Gus Wacchaus, the blind man who had a stand at the American Legion?

Candyland on North Main Street?

Stanley’s and Wally’s Seafood?

Swies Market where the special of the day was displayed in the front window on ice?

Silver Duck Inn?

Miners and St. Stephen’s hall

Who the soloist was for the band and glee club in the 1940s?